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Me and Espio walked along the rooftops of the 'Higher class'. You coild see the rice, snooty atmopher as people walked around in cupcake dresses and powdered wigs. Many of theis people we have seen roming around in the lower class of town, but only to get small trinkets and dodads.

"well siver, here we are. 'The big time'" Espio said, as if we where at the top of the world.

" Wow. It looks so beautiful and classy" I replyed with amazment on my face.

" well that what you'd expect,  since we're in the rice part of town" He commented wilst he swung from one of the chimney pots.

" Fair point" I agreed with him" wilst i nodded my head.

we disided to jump into an ally colser to the ground so we could get a closer look at the..umm "victems"

"All right, Silver, Heres the plan Sonic gave us. We go around looking like we want to buy something and then when nobodys looking we snach something from the closes person or stall. Got it?" Espio comanded. I had a very puzzeled look on my face. Is that all we have to do. No robberies, no tricking, just coming and going. So just like always I took a deep breath and nodded.

"good, because YOUR up first" He said suddenly.

"WHAT?!" I commented wilst a shocked look covered my face complitly.I know I had to but I couldent bring myself to do it, well on my own. I've never done anything without sonic or the others gidence. I was about to walk into the sunlight and reveile myself, if I did that, there was no turning back. My foot was about to be smothered in sun, til I froze and couldn't move. I tuned to Espio and I could tell there was a disapointing look on his face and looked kind of anoied over it.

He pushed me out of the way and said,
"If you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. You stay behind me and watch my back, if ither me or you gets in to trouble, the other one run back to Sonic and them lot and get help"

I nodded and gulped. Espio steped into the sunlight with confedence, as if it was not his first time in theis parts and kept walking to a near by stall, where some people where standing, looking around. I followed shortly ofthere he reached the stall. I watched his every movem, his twitches, his sudden movements, everything so I can help him id he needed it. His back was turned the opposite way to an elderly, but sefisticated man who was talking to the owner of the stall. Espio steped back closser and closser to the man, so close that he was almost touching him. His hand Sliped to the side of him and into the elders pocket. My eyes where focest onto Espios movement. Til a bad thing happened. As I was watching, a woman saw me looking at Espio and her eyes derected to him and she saw was I saw.

"THIEF! THIEF!" The woman cryed. soon Everyones eyes directed to Espio, as he was pulling out the sefisticated elders money satchole. He was caught red handed. My head was in my hand and thinking, its all over, its all over.

The owner of the stall graped Espios arm and held it high, with an angered look.

" WELL, WELL, WELL, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE A LITTLE PICK POCKET DO WE!" The man growned with an evil snarl.

Espios face was blank with fear and then he muttered "ummmm... well you see....ummm...Some of us need to make a living and I make it by doing this" and he then had a cheeses, inisent smile. The owner wasn't buying. So he did something that was unexpected, he came out with,

" now, now, now, lets be responsible adults and talk about this calmly...... SILVER CATCH!"
he snatched the elderly mans satchele back out of the owners meaty hand and chucked it it me. I caught it, but had no idea what to do. The angry owner grabed Espio and pined him down to the table on the stall. He cryed out to me, wilst strugeling for his life


Everyones attention focusted on me and I quickly bolted away. I turned to Espio wilst I ran and I saw him kick the owner in the face to try to get away, but to no avale. Everyone was crouding round him and making sure he didn't get away. Some of the others that helped pin him down started chacing me, so i had to run faster, till I lose them.
so this is Princess and the pauper chapter 2.
blaze was going to be in this chapter but i couldn't because i was run for time, LOLZ

sorry if its a bit mangeled or has mis-spelling, thats just how i role B)
no i have dislexea and it makes it harded to spell.

so I'm partraying the role as silver in this, as first person, so there might be bits where it goes from first to thrid, so i do appologise

so just to say this is like an alternat univerce of the realy sonic the hedgehog, when he opporats a pick pooket ring, LOLAGE
but just to say, in real life sonic is a hero, not a theft, and so is all the other characters in this Fanfiction.

this is a Silvaze fanfiction.

yet again im saying this is in am oltenate univerce, so its role revesal, so sonics like a well he opperates the pic poket ring, hes still the nice guy we all now and live just his profetion his different.

so enjoy this first chapter of the princess and the pauper.

the sonic franchice and all characters in this fanfiction belongs to SEGA

chapter 1>[link]
chep1 pic>
chapter 3>[link]
chap 3 pic>
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Run silver run!
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