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I keeped running like Espio told me to. People keeped getting in the way as I dodged them. The people that helped capture Espio where shortly after me, but where slowed down by the people who where chasing me. I had to stop when I was out of breth. I leaned accross a ally wall to catch it, but I couldn't go any therther. It was all over for me, one chance and I blow it, unless I could think of something. I heared the men that was chasing me, get closer can closer, to where the poeple screaming lightly when they was shuned to the side by them. I put my hand on a waste bin, to where theis old cloths and hats where stored, to catch that breth I had befor I had to run of again. But then it hit me. Befor the men came around the courner, I ran back to the waste bin, grabed some of the old blue clothe, a hat with a feather and a peace of rope that was on the floor and dressed myself in it. As i raped the rope around my waste, Then men came around, gust at that moment I finished. I was face to face with them. The one that seamed to be the leader of the men, looked deep into my eye and said with a earger look,

" Hey, have you seen a guy about yay tall, yay big, that goes by the name of....what was it.....ummmm, SILVER, thats it, have ya"

I let go of the breth I held, wilst he looked at me with those deep black eyes. I could reply.

"ummmm, no sir, I haven't"

"SIR? Your more of the sir than I am, Thanks anyway. Common guys he probly when this way"
he shouted as he ran of with his gang, in search of, But what he said befor he went, he said 'SIR? Your more of the sir than I am' what did he mean by that. I'm not a sir, or am I?...nope would of remembered being knighted if I was. Oh well I better get going back, wilst I still have this discise on.

I began walking in the direction of where the "Bad thing happened", but from the body language of the people around me, it seamed as if nothing has happened. I could also tell that people where not used to seeing people like me. As I walked, people kept bowing to me in the streets, as I walked by. I get the polight response would be to smile or bow back, but I might just stick to the smile and a howdy-do.

I coulden't take the looks of the public, so I sliped away to a layby that leads to the middel class area. I think that I should start to walk back to the lower area and find help for Espio. I climed to the rooftops again so I can avoid all of the aboth. I looked down to the ground to see how much higher the roofs where that the ones back in our area, but something cought my eye, or more like someone. A girl was standing at the stall where Espio was trying to steal from. She was picking up a couple of peaces of friut. I saw her walk up to the owner and ask to bey it, but he was waving his hands like willy-nilly as an, I'm gessing a meaning to 'no'. I couldn't here them at all, so I jumped back down to the ground so I could hear better. I heared her continue from where she was finishing.


" I'm sorry mam, But its the law in theis parts, Atully now that I thing about it, Your braking the law right now" he replied with first a simpathetic face, but then it changed horrobly. Her face turnd aswell, to something I could never expect a person to ever make. I know I couldn't just leave her over there, even though I don't know here or know what she was doing wrong, I just had to help. I rushed over just as the man was about to grab her. I stould tall infrount of her and said to the man,

"Ummm, I'll pay for that fruit for her, thank you very much"
The bahemeth squented his eyes and looked at me for a long time, he then asked
" How do I know you are just are covering for her"
I replyed
"Why would I cover for her, she is my...ummmm.....sister, she just wondered of"
He leanded into me with a keen eye and asked again another questio,
"do I know you from somewhere"
I started to tremble, I could feel his cold lifeless breth smother my face and I could feel the wormth of the girls breth suround my neck as she looks up at me wondering why, The the two where batteling it out to see who could break me first, his cold stair or her rasing heart agaents my back. After the mans cold beat down, he looked down at my blue cloth. His eyes opened more as if he was suprised. He then said something I thought would come after the beat down,
"oh my... Of cource you may buy the fruit for her, relation or not..Here take them...In fact, consider them a gift" after that her shuved me and her away with a simile, and without paymen. Ok is it just me or am I getting specel treatment or something.

After the man shuved us way, we walked a will befor stoping. I handed her the bag of fruit that I bought for her. She had a very sturn look on her face, and everything when quiet, only the sound of the market behind us. She then spock the first word to breake the silence,

" I....ummmm Thanks for buying the friut for me"

I smiled at her and commented " Well it was no problem... If you don't mind me asking, why wouldn't he let you buy anthing?"

"well, In this part of of the city, women arnt alowed to purches or do almost anthing without a male acompanying them or high anoth power" she explined. She voice was like a sinthany of violins or a lylaby of sweet birds. I could swear that was the most beautiful thing i have ever heared and I could just see her beautiful chisseled feachers, but was covered by a cloth on her head.

"well, I'm sorry to here that happens, I'm not realy from  around here" I related

"Well I can see" She commented suspicously. I had a very confused look on my face. I had no I idea what she ment, but them my prays where answered. She proble could see that I was confused.

she continued "what you are wearing" she pointed at my cheat where my cloth was. I began to bush thinking something elce on what she was thinking. "The colour. In this part, a person wearing blue is considdered to be a very inportant visiter and from your robe, I can tell you have been knighted, Am I correct?" The blushing had gone from my face to a sinsear laughter. That would proble explain why people have been bowing and looking at me all day. I can tell you, I look like one of the Three Musquatears in this, but its kind of tattered, so it may be why she's questioning. I was about to set her straiget when she looked at me with her purel covered eyes. Well one little lie won't hurt. so I stuttered,

"ummmm....w...well, you could say something like that happened, he, he"

"who my, It is an honer to meet you, sir.....Ummm what is you name" She requested

"my name is Silv..." My mouth opened to say the last part of my name, but as I opened my eyes I saw the guys, that was hunting me earlyer, behind her, nerely meters away. My eyes turned to small dark puples as my fear came back. The men looked at me so I looked away to the Girl.

"MY NAME?! MY NAME IS......IS.....SILV....Silvvvveeesssster......SILVESTER!, SILVESTER!, My name is Silvester" I came up with quickly.....Silvester what kind of name is Silvester?.

She giggeled and my, wasn't it a pretous giggle, anyway she giggled "Well, Sir Silvester, It is a pleser to met you, I am Blaze"

BLAZE. That name was magnificent. Her glorous purple fur and striking fratures was covered all by her name, Blaze. Like the fire that burned in my heart for her. I smiled at her, and she smiled back but something at the back of my mine told me something that was fermiler to me about her. As we both leaned in to wards eachother, I could feel a spark betwen us, Til a hurendus Trumbet when of, that distroied it. It when straight trought our ears. That was the sign of only one thing. The croud gavered around, Gards formed and a caradg pulled up beside us. It was about 4 times the sixe of me and Blaze put together.

The door swung open and nearly waked me in the face but I was abel to move to the size intime. A tall heroic figured man steped out of the caradg. He was dressed in gold and fine silk, theres only one person who would be like this and that is.....THE KING. He looked down at me with a snarle and a snub. I smiled back,  but in a not so smoth way, but a kind of creepy way. He kept walking in discust. Wonder what a man of his stature wants. He appreces Blaze with a disapointed look.

He then enragly said with a deep voice " Well, I wonder why you are here. I would of expected better from you. I though I would of Raised you better than this"

Wait!? did he gust say....

"You are coming with me...PRINCESS BLAZE!" He anounced as he pulled the cloth of of her head. He continued "I am so disapointed in you. You need to start setting a good exsample infround of your subjects and your not doing that if you keep running of every day"

I was speatchless. I know there was something about her that I reconised, yes she is the air to the thrown, Princess Blaze. And that man is king Ritchered, her father. Still in shock, I did not knowtis her father leading her away.

"oh Silvester" she called out to me from the window of the carage " Maybe we could meet eachother again someday, I am very intreaged by you. What do you say father, may sir silvester viset someday" she turned to her father.

"urrrrrrrr" her snubed agan, I don't think he likes me.

Blazed giggeled "I'll take that as a yes, so stop by the castel and we can get proply introduced"

The caradge moved forwored and was wisked away.

"ferwell, Sir Silvester" she cawed as she wayed goodbey.

I feel smitten as she left. Even though I told one, two lies tops to get to see her and her smile, It was worth it. So I began to walk back home towards the lower class to ummmmmm....what was I going to do again?
so chapter 3 and we finaly met blaze. So in this she is yep the princess hence princess and the pauper.
sorry if its a bit mangeled or has mis-spelling, thats just how i role B)
no i have dislexea and it makes it harded to spell.

so I'm partraying the role as silver in this, as first person, so there might be bits where it goes from first to thrid, so i do appologise

so just to say this is like an alternat univerce of the realy sonic the hedgehog, when he opporats a pick pooket ring, LOLAGE
but just to say, in real life sonic is a hero, not a theft, and so is all the other characters in this Fanfiction.

this is a Silvaze fanfiction.

yet again im saying this is in am oltenate univerce, so its role revesal, so sonics like a well he opperates the pic poket ring, hes still the nice guy we all now and live just his profetion his different.

so enjoy this first chapter of the princess and the pauper.

the sonic franchice and all characters in this fanfiction belongs to SEGA

chapter 2>>[link]<<
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